Wax Clients

Wax Marketing clients are typically organizations and personal brands on a fast track to growth that need a strong integrated marketing communications strategy. Our clients range from major healthcare providers to innovative technology firms to Ivy League universities, yet they share common characteristics: a passion for their message, a desire to change their industry, and a belief that in today’s market, technology provides the strongest foundation for integrated marketing communications practices.
Wax Marketing clients range from small nonprofits to $100 million+ enterprises. Most of our current clients are within the healthcare, non-profit, and IT industries. Most of our clients need nimble, rapid communications services that provide results quickly, at a reasonable cost. We grow with our clients and our virtual network of professionals allows us to assist with any marketing and communications need.

Please contact us for a list of clients and references.

wax marketing clients

Bonnie and Dr. Charles Reid, renowned Vatican expert and law professor.

Photo: Wendy B. Photography