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Pick up the phone

Okay, I realize my last post sounded a little bit crabby, so I apologize for that. There are times that the “squishiness” of my business makes it a little frustrating, at least to me. I think one of the best ways to gauge whether or not we’re getting good results with our PR is to network with others trying to do the same things we are. You might find that you’re doing better than most on some things and maybe could use a little help on others. One common mistake I find is that people are too reluctant to just pick up the phone and call. The media, particularly news and talk, still deals primarily on the phone. I just got an email back from a producer friend of mine after 6 weeks…that’s how long it takes him to read his emails!! Because he produces freelance spots for one of the top entertainment network shows, he never needs to read his email. Most people will track him down however they can. Oh, to be so much in demand, wouldn’t that be fabulous? So for this month try to call if you’re not getting good results. You might be surprised where your bravery gets you. I had a nice chat with the Gulf Coast bureau chief at CNN the other day when he just happened to pick up the phone!


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