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When people ask me for the key to success at PR, I always tell them it’s a combination of creativity and persistence. Most people fail at getting coverage because they give up at the first “no”. It’s important to remember that editors and producers change their mind all the time about what they want. And a news event may suddenly make your pitch relevant once again. I’ve been trying to get coverage for a non-profit client of mine at USA Today since November. They’re finally working on a story now. Why? Because when another news event happened in my client’s field of expertise, I called the reporter again, freshened up my angle, and got the story. It took me over a year once to get one of my clients into Health magazine. Think it was worth it? You bet it was!

The creativity part is when you come up with good story ideas in the first place. If they don’t “take” then come up with some more. Don’t ever let the well run dry in terms of fresh angles for your clients, or trying to match your expertise, product or service to current news events. Always be looking for new ways to present your story. And don’t ever give up.


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