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Movie Pitch – Sarah Palin Meets the Flintstones

Okay, I feel justified in talking about Sarah Palin’s hair for two reasons – one, I am a publicist and creating an image includes the entire persona, not just the words. Second, if the world of warcraft website can mention it, so can I.  (Have you SEEN that site?) My guess is that they put Palin’s hair up into that horrid little ponytail thing in order to make her look older and more distinguished. These would be guys making that decision, since every woman I know wants to rip that thing off her head. Only in Alaska would someone go to a professional job with that Flintstones hairdo. NOW it’s down so that she seems more approachable. And possibly because they found out that she looks more like Betty Rubble (complete with doofy Barnie/Todd husband) than a candidate for the vice president.

Do you think I’m harsh? You should hear the gossip that doesn’t get in the magazines. Or the way that producers and other media hosts write off potential guests for the smallest infraction – whether it’s a weird ponytail, too darkly lined lips or too much Botox, it’s a high def world.  Forget how much it hurts to be criticized. Fix the small things and you’ll get a chance to deliver the bigger message.


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