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Marketing to women

Girl-Power-InfographicI remember being really interested in a Ford Flex. The salesperson I spoke with was friendly enough, but when we went out for a test drive he looked at me rather nervously and said “You know, this is a really big vehicle.” (For the record, I did not have my cell phone on and was not distracted in any way. ) “I drive my husband’s F250 is that big enough for you?” was my response. And off we went.

I was not that thrilled with the way the vehicle handled and left shortly after. I got a call from the same salesperson a little later who asked me what I thought. After hearing my response he said “Have you talked to your husband, maybe he’d like to come in and drive it.”

I would have been annoyed except that I got to use my friend Karen’s line which is “Look honey, in this family I buy the underwear and the cars.”

I don’t think marketers understand how to sell to women. I don’t even think many women marketers get it. But I loved this infographic I found on MarketingProfs and hijacked it. Please go read the post and visit that site as much as you can, they’ve got great stuff.


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  1. Jazmine Says :
    Posted on December 20, 2015 at 4:41 pm

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