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Creating a linked tactic toolkit

linked tactic toolkitI’m doing a webinar for WOMMA tomorrow (check it out here if you’re interested – it’s free!) and it got me thinking about linked tactics. This is probably the easiest way to inject a bit of IMC into your current projects. Creating an IMC toolkit basically means you’re going to consciously “collect” the combinations that work for you. In order to build your toolkit, you need to really think about the tactics you’re linking, how and why they work and how to make them even more powerful.

  1. First, carefully examine your current marketing processes. Identify everywhere you are already linking tactics, from social media to landing pages, hashtags, QR codes, etc.
  2. After that list has been created, try to brainstorm a third tactic that would boost the performance of the first two and predict the results. Just guess if you have to – testing and measurement has to start somewhere. The third tactic is often timing, or it can be another marketing channel.
  3. Now identify those tactics operating on their own and do the same exercise. Add another tactic, experiment with the timing, or even simply add a hashtag. Then measure what happens. This is the beginning of your IMC linked tactic toolkit.

Let’s talk more about analyzing the actual timing of the tactics. You should have some idea of how your audience behaves, and how they acquire content that you have created. (Again, if you’re not sure, just guess. You need to have something to measure against.) In addition, you need to determine how much time between your linked tactics should occur. If you’re going to launch a new landing page and your budget allows for a billboard, it might be best to synchronize those for best results. On the other hand, you may have information that requires more time to absorb before you reinforce a call to action. These are thoughtful questions to ask yourself at this stage in the game. Finally, make sure you know what constitutes “success” by creating a final test. Is it total conversions? New email subscribers? What quantitative goal is required for this set of linked tactics to be added to your toolkit?

More about creating great tests for linked tactics later. Chew on this for a while, and if you think of it, put some of your best linked tactic combos in the comment section!



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