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Go see Hancock

This is the new Will Smith movie where he plays a drunken superhero in need of an image makeover. Enter the PR guy with the heart of gold, played by Jason Bateman. Although I have to say the movie’s constant “head up the ass” references were hilarious I am still annoyed by the ease at which Bateman’s character seems to change this superhero dude. And how exactly is he getting paid, although that was a side note. (If you want a list of movies about journalism and pr, click here)

If it were only this easy to change a bad image into a good one. Hancock does a tiny bit of his jail sentence, shaves and does one good deed and he’s reborn in the media eye. No wonder people think it’s so easy. But to have a publicist as one of the main characters, and a nice one at that, is progress I’d say.


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