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I know how hard that is. But for small businesses, it’s essential that you figure out a budget in terms of hours per month you’re going to spend on PR, and then commit to it. I’m the typical shoemaker’s daughter. I try to promote myself, but as one of the “people behind the people” it’s even harder for me than it is for other people. I recently did an interview on Rodger Roeser’s radio program “That Marketing Show” and I remembered 1) how fun it is to do interviews and 2) I am pretty good at it. Although like everyone, I have my achilles heel in terms of my bad habits. If you listen to the program, count how many times I say “you know!” Still, it’s my first ever podcast so I’m pretty proud of my old self.

What are your PR goals for 2008? What do you want to accomplish? Start thinking about it. The new year is only nine business days away!!


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