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Best Blogs of 2015

 For the last two blogs of the year,  we decided to create a roundup of our most popular blog posts of 2015. These are the posts that were most shared in social media either straight from the blog or from our syndication partner Business2Community.com. The following is a short description to the posts, and a jump for your convenience. Happy Holidays from Wax Marketing!

The IMC Report Card. Integrated Marketing Communications is a powerful way to boost your results quickly. Figure out how well you’re using IMC and set goals for 2016 with this simple tool.

IMC Campaign of the Month – Amazon Prime Day. Consumers berated the brand on social media and much of the post-Prime Day press suggested that the event was a dismal failure. But was it? Even though the social media world may have panned Amazon’s first Prime Day, at least three good marketing lessons can be learned:

5 Video Lessons from Big Brands. Most big brands fully embrace the concept and use video marketing to its fullest potential, and small businesses need to take notes. Here are some great reasons to have a budget for video in 2016.

Build Your Toolkit of Linked Tactics.  Every brand has a unique set of linked tactics. But the timing of those tactics, and the messaging strategies are still different for every brand. Here are ways to collect tactics that work specifically for you.

Why Some Marketers Hate Personas. Personas are typically based on real data about customer demographics and behavior. The information used to build personas comes from surveys, online and social media analytics, past customers and plain observation. But not every marketer is a fan.



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