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Becoming tactically strategic in your marketing

It’s January 9th and I’m having a hard time believing that it’s been over a month since I asked you to create your “best tactics” list.  CRA-ZEE how time flies during the holidays. So, did you do it? Have you trashed any old things that you really couldn’t tell were creating customers or revenue for you? Wondering why the hell I asked you to do that and never followed up?

It’s really hard to focus on strategy when you’re juggling a million things a day. But you have to. Sometimes it’s just easier to review the tactics that worked and build your strategy from the ground up, then pull strategies out of thin air. The purpose of this exercise is to look at the tactics that worked and decide on the overall strategy these tactics contribute to. THEN you can brainstorm more tactics that fit into that strategy. Thereby giving you a much more targeted approach that has a higher likelihood of success. 

So I got a reader to send me her list of good tactics from 2011, so I could show you how to define strategies from that list. Here are a few of the tactics that worked for her:

– online advertising on local mom sites

– posting recipes on a facebook fan page for the business

– guest blogging on local event sites

– emailing all her friends and customers on a regular basis with interesting news and content

Based on this list, I would say a strategy that is working for her is:

maintain consistent communication to target customers (moms) with a blend of advertising and content

At this point I would then try to determine more ways she could maintain that communication. Maybe a monthly newsletter that’s a little more consistent. If she likes to write, she could consider a blog. What do you think? Are you starting to understand the difference between strategy and tactics? I’m going to do more on this at the end of the week so keep thinking.






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