Want to know how to pitch a freelancer? Elizabeth M. writes about business and technology primarily in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market. I stopped her on a busy street this week and amid planes, trains and automobiles (ok may not trains but it sounds like it) asked her some questions about how she likes to be pitched, what stories she likes and her pet peeves..

I know I've harped on these points many times but just once more, here's what will get their attention: Be creative. Many media people are bored and anything that makes them laugh or scratch their head will get noticed. Tell the backstory not the benefits of your product. Make it sound fun/quirky/strange etc. Be quick and to the point. Hook them with something fun/quirky/strange and then quickly tell them what you want. Have a GREAT subject line that draws them in. We've had people use ours as the eventual headline of the story.