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5 Factors That Boost Your Branded Merchandise

Large and small businesses alike have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing items to carry their company logos. Mugs, mouse pads, and wall calendars in myriad configurations abound, just waiting for a little decoration before they start displaying a business’s name to the public. But what are the best items to choose from among the offerings (there are literally hundreds of options)? Here are some factors that can make or break your branded merchandise.

Use – No matter what size your business is, you want to put your logo on items that will be useful for the recipients, especially if the merchandise is a free giveaway. Items that are free for customers but not useful are more likely to be discarded. So it’s best to imprint your logo on tools that current or potential customers use every day. Here are some examples:

  • Writing utensils such as pens and pencils
  • Office supplies like magnetic clips
  • Paper products such as sticky notes and note pads

Electronics – If your main customer base is made up of tech-savvy Millennials, you can target them with useful electronic items that are likely to be in heavy rotation on a daily basis. Consider these items for putting your company’s name at the top of their minds every day:

  • Jump drives, perhaps in interesting and memorable shapes
  • Portable phone chargers
  • LED flashlights for gadget lovers

Targeted Items – Sometimes knowing your ideal customer will give you some clues on which merchandise to choose. For example, if you sell high-end distilled alcohol, a hip flask would be an ideal option for branded merchandise. Here are some other examples:

  • If your business is wealth management, consider sets of golf balls with your logo.
  • A sporting goods store can put its name on high-quality refillable water bottles.
  • Child-care centers may give branded tote bags to its clients for use at the grocery store.

Niche Products-Putting branded items to work for your business may be easier if you choose unusual products to carry the logo. Here are some niche items worth consideration:

  • Eco-friendly items such as reusable plastic cups with lids and straws
  • Charity-support products such as breast cancer-awareness markers
  • Personal care items such as hand sanitizer or lip balm

No matter whether your company has five employees or 500, putting the power of branded merchandise to work for you can be a solid choice. Just make sure to be smart about the items that make the most sense for your business and clientele.



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