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(Step 5) Switch it up

It’s important to change up your marketing efforts and try new things…without throwing out the things that work.One of the hardest things to measure is the synergy that develops when you combine marketing mediums. It’s the basis for integrated marketing communications (IMC) concepts but no one has really captured where the actual motivation occurs to get your customer to buy, call, whatever.  To keep tweaking your marketing recipe you constantly have to look for new ways to get your message out there…here are a few ways to do that each month that won’t take much time.

  • Ask your customers where they get their information…this can be an informal conversation if you’re a retail shop or perhaps a quick (2-3 question) survey at the end of an online purchase. I just found out several folks are using Ning now just from some casual tweeting
  • Think about what drives YOU to action. The old “see it 7 times” rule of marketing doesn’t really apply anymore but maybe you could add another impression cheaply somewhere…a local high school team that needs a sponsor perhaps? (those are cheap by the way – and create very loyal customers)
  • Think of unusual things that won’t cost much to do and see if you get a bump from your regular advertising and marketing after it’s implemented. I had a client participate in local parades – his coupon returns went through the roof!
  • Along those lines – be charitable . Doing something for a local charity after your own heart is one of the best ways to gain exposure and do good for the community

Whatever you do, add something new each month that’s inexpensive and fun. Then see if your existing marketing gets a boost. Need ideas? You can go to Jay Conrad Levinson’s website for some good promotional tactics.



  1. JR041283
    Posted on January 15, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Thanks for the input. I will this in mind. Best Regards.

  2. 3d cad Says :
    Posted on March 2, 2010 at 4:35 am

    Nice Info. Thank you!

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